• Robert Starks WOW! best describes my experience with Hall of Fame Lawn Care. I have a large corner lot and (because of my work schedule) I hadn't had time to clean or cut it for weeks. When the HOFLC people came and gave me a quote (it was reasonable) they told me I could go golfing if I wanted to. Although I was a bit attached, I did. After a few hours I finished up my golf and hurried home. That's where the "WOW" came in. I did not even recognize my house. It was a palace. The lawn was manicured in a way that I had never seen before, and the bushes were all trimmed, and even the lawn was edged along the sidewalks and walkway. I called the Hall of Fame Lawn Care office and hired them permanently so that my home will look that way 24/7/365.

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